From the Principal Desk

Ms. Keya Arundhoti Prabal
Ms. Keya Arundhoti Prabal
The aim of life is self development to realize one’s nature perfectly-Oscar Wilde

Over the years, I have realized that if the fertile soil of the mind is enriched with the values of love, kindness and patience, the saplings of good education and character will grow into strong trees and bear good fruits. One of the most important decisions that any family makes is the school they choose for their child’s education. At Pailan World School, we believe that we offer the very best of teaching and learning that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of the young people.

The challenge to be “the best you can be” in academic achievement is supported by holistic approach to personal learning. The classroom teachings are rich and engaging and the range of cultural, sporting and performance opportunities that allow every student access to an environment where they can participate and excel. We challenge and channelize students to set high expectations for themselves and support them to achieve to the highest level.

We view that the effective schooling is a three way dynamic-with the young person, their families and the school working together to contribute to learning success.

In this pursuit of excellency, I appreciate our parent fraternity for supporting the school in every aspect. I also appreciate relentless efforts of our teachers for giving their best in bringing out the best in each child. I would always encourage students to be modest, humble and disciplined while being ready to expand the horizons of their knowledge and skills by dreaming big and working hard.

Through our work may this school be true to the charism of our founder & the heritage that it is our privilege to pass on.

May God bless us all.

Ms. Keya Arundhoti Prabal
Pailan World School